Airdrome Airplanes
Arrival End Runway 09
Construction images from
My Airdrome Airplanes
Fokker Dr.1

Runway 09 - You're Here!

Western (Wisconsin) Front
Haze at Dawn
The Maintenance Crew - und Piloten

Field near to home!
Fog in the Valley

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I have never worked with anyone in a Service Related Field
that has outdone him for Hospitality, Dedication and Commitment.
Click on the Logo below to see his other fine Planes

What follows is a result of the Excellent Engineering design work
done by Robert Baslee (pronounced Boz-lee)
and his 25 plus years experience.

Click on Any Image for a Larger Picture

Dustin had an eye on one like Wally Tennison's for a while.

Click here to see or download a Draft copy of the Pilot Operating Handbook by Wally Tennison

What it will look like -
Dustin is creating a modified Richthofen scheme
similar to the middle image by the talented Russell Smith;
It is flanked by the skilled graphics of Ronny Bar Aircraft Profiles in Dustin's scheme!

Here is a link so you too can own a copy of this, or any of the many other awesome prints by Russ -

And here is how to reach Ronny if you want him to do any sort of images for you!
(web site is temporarily down)

After Holden - When the REAL Fun Begins!